Freelance Film & Media Professional

Photograph by Miri Zaruba

I have a varied professional background: I started working as a professional musician and instructor in South Africa in 2003, playing on TV, live and doing sessions in studios. After returning to the UK in 2008, I took on photography and videography, shooting for bands and musicians alongside my music career.

My clientele soon expanded to corporate clients which lead me to form my own corporation, providing media and marketing services with small teams of creatives.

 I started working as an extra on high profile productions which lead to greater opportunities, allowing me to learn from some of the best in the industry.

In 2015, I brought all my experience together to work as a freelance filmmaker; directing and producing narrative content in the form of short films as well as self-shooting and editing event and promo videos for businesses.

My favourite kinds of work are: narrative, events and promos.