"Through The Mirror Darkly"

A housebound man struggles with discerning reality from the imaginary after the mysterious disappearance of his lover.
With the help of an unexpected visitor, he must choose to overcome his inner darkness or risk being trapped forever.

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor / Colourist / Composer

LeBrock "Only the Brave"

An official lyric video for the retrowave band LeBrock


Town Centre Takeover

Event video for a Great Ormond Street Hospital, held in Letchworth Town.

Camera / Post Production


Showreel scene for Peter Alberti and Lisa Lynn

Writer / Director / Camera / Post Production

"An Everyday Man?"

A lonely, single man becomes increasingly paranoid when strange occurrences in his apartment lead him to believe that he is not alone.
Upon investigation, he realises he will have to confront a past that he thought was long buried.

Writer / Director/ Producer / Editor / Composer

LeBrock - Band Promo

Promo video for cinematic retrowave band Lebrock

Director / Camera / Editor

Bernard Hiller Masterclass

Promo for Hollywood acting coach Bernard Hiller.

Camera / Editor

"Rotten From The Core"

Showreel scene for Peter Alberti and David M. Santana

Writer / Director / Camera / Editor